Ramp up the fun and excitement at your Festival with a Photo Booth Hire

Everybody loves a great festival – fantastic music, mouth-watering food, a friendly atmosphere where you can let your hair down, and most important of all: the opportunity to really make your product or service shine!

While all of the above can help attract more people to your festival, nothing might make it as fun and unforgettable as it can be with festival photo booth hire.

Why hire Photo Booth for Festival?

Photo booths are now increasingly becoming a ‘thing’ at all kinds of events – from corporate events and trade shows to social gatherings, including birthdays, weddings, and parties.

Photo booth festival rentals have become very popular over the years, as photo booths have not only evolved greatly since being first used in the 1920s but more people now yearn for unique forms of entertainment at events, particularly festivals.

If you’ve never considered festival photo booth rental, here are a few reasons to help you see the value they provide:

Fun, creative, and entertaining activity for festival-goers

Traditional photographers or Polaroids might be fine to capture all the awesome moments at a festival but if you’re truly interested in people enjoying your festival and even returning next year, then you should consider a 360° camera for festival or magic mirror for festival – among many other options.
Unlike the traditional alternatives above, different festival photo booth packages allow your attendees to actively choreograph the best moments themselves, striking poses with their choice of props and background, and smiling carelessly to reflect their own unique personalities. It can create a very memorable experience for everyone in attendance, especially with a professional and courteous attendant on hand to show everyone how the selfie booth for festival, for instance, or 80s themed photo booth festival rental works.

Customise your festival photo booth hire with your branding, sponsor logos, and more

An easy way to gain additional exposure (organically) is to have your photo booth festival rental customised with your unique festival branding and sponsors around the booth’s edges.
You might also choose a customised backdrop to have your own logo proudly displayed in the back of every great photo taken in the booth. From unique, fully customisable backdrops, to fun props and having your own logo painted all over the booth, Selfie Photo Booth can help you get a good deal of exposure.

Keepsake for attendees

While great memories of a festival are one thing, getting to keep an actual copy (both physical and digital) are always far more valuable and sentimental. With our photo booth festival hire, you can allow attendees to quickly take a selfie or group photo, upload it on their favourite social media channels, and have memories to look back on forever.
This also means free advertising for you as the photos will have your unique digital frame and backdrop in them! You can even customise each photo with your logo, slogan, or personal messaging. When you hire a photo booth for festival, you can also generate additional revenue in the form of booth rental fees or sponsorships. So, go ahead and charge a small fee every time someone uses a magic mirror festival photo booth or a selfie booth for festival, giving them unique-coloured wristbands, perhaps, for taking part!

You could take it a step further and have sponsors appear on your customised photo booth templates, where you could even charge them for advertising. Genius!

Selfie Photo Booth is only a phone call away to add some real substance and value to your festival.