Here’s how a Photo Booth can add extra spark to your Wedding Festivities

The best moments at wedding celebrations tend to be unexpected. Whether it’s the way the couple-to-be gaze into each other’s eyes, a whacky toast given by a loved one, or a dance that caught everyone by surprise!

One way to frame those amazing unexpected moments and share with the world is through wedding photo booth hire.

How Photo Booth Hire for Weddings can be a game-changer

While wedding planning can be challenging, it can also be easy to get lost in the finer details and all those amazing moments – such as the cake cutting, the first dance, or that distant relative who never shows up at weddings but somehow showed up at this one!

Setting up a 360° camera for wedding, for example, a magic mirror for wedding, or a selfie booth for wedding, is a tried-and-tested way of encapsulating every precious moment in vivid detail to rejoice and reminisce over even years later.


White Heart Selfie Pod

Here are a few reasons to photo booth wedding hire for your big day:

Unparalleled, timeless entertainment

A wedding photo booth hire can easily add high-quality entertainment to your big day festivities. It’s a time-tested form of entertainment, dating back to the 1920s and has definitely come a long way since then.
Plus, a photo booth hire for wedding allows your guests to capture all those fantastic moments together, let loose, share a laugh or two, and even take those captured memories home with them or upload to their favourite social media profiles. Your guests will definitely look back at your wedding as an event that was filled with fun, laughter, and carefree moments.

Offer as a wedding favour

Whether you choose a selfie booth for wedding or a vintage photo booth wedding rental, you can offer unlimited physical and digital prints to your guests with unique photo backdrops or other customisations such as you and your spouse’s signature.
Sharing photos taken in a wedding photo booth can make for amazing event memorabilia and a special memento to help your guests think fondly about all the fun and entertainment they had.

Great ice-breaker

Modern photo booth hire for weddings comes with lots of extra perks, including touchscreens, an interactive magic mirror, quirky props, wedding audio guest books, and more – to help everyone get into the fun and celebratory spirit.
This can definitely help the shy ones be more sociable and join in on the fun, especially with our friendly and professional attendant guiding everyone and showing them how ‘stuff works’.

Instant prints to share with the world

While a wedding photographer may work on their own schedule to edit and send the photos to you, photo booth wedding hire can provide instant high-quality prints which you and your guests can share with the world.
Your special moments are captured on the spot, ready to be shared with the world.

Elevate your celebration with the excitement of immediate photo prints – because some memories are just too good to wait for!

We offer a hassle-free wedding photo booth across most regions in the UK. Book online now and enjoy a hassle-free experience.