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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to record and cherish voice messages in fully remastered, high-quality audio?
Leave your message with the audio guest book

Audio Guest Book Phone – Replay the voices of your loved ones

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to record and cherish voice messages using our immaculately restored and flawlessly functioning rotary telephones? It’s a great alternative to written guest books for your special event and a new way to relive old memories from your favourite people by listening to their voice messages in fully remastered, high-quality audio.

Our expertly edited recordings ensure that you relive old memories by listening to the finest audio quality voicemails left by the ones who attended your event.

Phone Guest Book – Same people, same lovable voices

Our audio guest book phone service comes with an exclusive, iconic rotary phone which has been meticulously restored and fitted with modern recording technology. It’s also customisable with your choice of colour, and the ability to send/receive messages digitally as well as having them stored on a USB stick to treasure for a lifetime.

Phone Message Guest Book – How does it work?

If you’ve never used a phone message guest book for your wedding, party, corporate event or any other occasion, then here’s how it works:

Your guests pick up the receiver, listening to your pre-recorded message or greeting. They leave their own message after hearing the beep, and this is something you can listen to and cherish for years to come, long after the event is over. What a way to relive beautiful memories of your favourite people, wouldn’t you agree?

Our voice message guest book phone has been skilfully designed and operates in a hassle-free way. Just plug it in and start creating fun memories. No WiFi connection or phone line needed!

Vintage Audio Book

Audio Message Guest Book

An audio message guest book has become a very popular way of capturing authentic, unfiltered, and spur-of-the-moment voicemail messages at your party, wedding, or any milestone event – real voices and heartfelt messages which you can replay later and have a few laughs over!

Just like timeless wedding photos, for example, or a finely aged wine, an audio guest book telephone ensures that your voicemails also get better with time. Book your very own phone guest book today with ease, customise it exactly as you like, and enjoy wonderful memories for years to come.

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