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Capture and personalise the most precious moments of your event with our Magic Mirror Photo Booth.
Magic Mirror hire photo booth

Magic Mirror Hire – Let the fun & games begin!

If you’ve ever heard of a magic mirror photo booth, then chances are you already know what an amazingly fun way it is of making your occasion unforgettable and talked about for years! Our interactive magic mirror hire is perfect for helping you and your guests to sign their names on the mirror, pose with their loved ones, and receive a personalised high-quality print from our photo booth – complete with unique annotations.

Suffice it to say, our selfie mirror hire is loaded with features to keep everyone occupied and make the occasion or event all the more memorable.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth – What is it?

While many people hosting events and parties may be familiar with what a selfie booth hire or magic mirror photo booth hire is, many have never heard of “magic mirror photo booth rental”.

A magic mirror photo booth is probably the most interactive and technologically advanced photo booth you could hire on the market.

Essentially, it’s a photo both cleverly concealed behind a magic mirror, so you can imagine the near-endless possibilities with magic mirror events as part of your occasion’s many attractions to keep the guest entertained and enthralled.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire – How does it work?

Using our magic mirror wedding hire (also available for other magic mirror events) is really simple and fun. Asks your guest to stand in front of the magic mirror rental booth, and as they do, eye-catching animations start popping up, asking your guests to touch the glass. Doing so even allows them to leave their own personal signage on the mirror.

As they’re doing all this on the magic mirror for parties (and corporate events), the high-quality camera we’ve hidden right behind the mirror flashes, providing an instant personalised print to your guests. Talk about capturing someone’s look of glee, surprise, and amazement at the moment!

Party Magic Mirror

Why choose Magic Mirror Photo Booth Rental?

As the magic photo booth company of choice, we know what it takes to create an atmosphere where everybody gets drawn in, by interacting with our quality magic mirror photo booth hire and just having a blast, really.

It’s a great way to add extra luxury, elegance, excitement and pure joy to any event.

Magic Mirror Gallery

Explore the enchanting moments captured within our Mirror Pod gallery, where each reflection tells a tale of joy and wonder. Unveil the extraordinary world of Magic Mirror Pod events – where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary.

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