What better way to add extra fun and laughter to your party than to hire a selfie photo booth? No matter the occasion we are here to add that extra vibe to your party.
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Hire Photo Booth for Party

Effortless Setup, Superb Service

When you hire a photo booth for your party, you are adding an extra layer of fun and excitement for everyone to fondly reminisce over years later. Not only that, but it can make your social or corporate party the talk of town for many years to come. Imagine people calling you “the” party guy (or gal) just because you had a beautiful, modern, party picture booth set up at your gathering.

Perfect for all kinds of parties, including weddings and birthdays. Time to create incredible memories to capture the special moments of the day!

Party Photo Booth

Here’s what to expect

Our party photo booth is typically an enclosed booth, which can be customised with a unique backdrop, props and more, in order to suit the theme of the party or especially your guests’ underlying tastes and preferences.

Depending on the kind of party your planning, our party photo booth rental can be tailored to your exact requirements, including a built-in wind machine for those extra-dramatic shots and a unique range of party props to really help your guests get into it.

Need your party photo booth to be all lit up with some stunning lights? How about a customised party picture booth with a selfie pod? Or, perhaps, one with a VIP red carpet to make everyone feel like royalty? Our party photobooths offer nearly endless customisation options, complete with high-quality prints which can be instantly shared across social media, with unlimited copies for your guests to treasure for a lifetime.

Party Photo Booth Rental

Before you get started

We have a dedicated and friendly party photo booth customer service team, ready to note down every detail and help you set up party photobooths customised to your exact specifications or preferences. Even if you want us to incorporate any last-minute changes, we’d be happy to do that.

Before you choose from our photobooths for parties, it is important to consider not only your personal requirements and party theme but also the needs of your guests. For instance, a magic mirror party picture booth may not be the best choice if you’ll have lots of little ones running around with their fingers covered in chocolate or other wonderful delights!

In any case, share your requirements with us beforehand, and we’d gladly recommend the perfect party picture booth rental.

Magic Mirror Selfie Booth

Party Picture Booth Rental

A party picture booth has become a great way to entertain your guests nonstop and capture those beautiful, fun-laden moments. Remember your special occasion or party for many years to come with our ‘hire photo booth for party’ service.