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At Selfie Photo Booth, we treasure all things to do with wedding celebrations, specialising in providing incredibly beautiful and customisable wedding party photo booths, to help you make this special day more memorable and unforgettable than ever.
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Selfie Mirror Wedding Hire

Treasure the “oohs” and “aahs” forever

While selfie booths for wedding have been the craze for quite a while now, a magic mirror for wedding is really kicking things up by a few notches! It’s an excellent way to capture the fun and atmosphere at a wedding more vividly, with your guests interacting with a selfie mirror for wedding, making for some ridiculously fun and exciting photos.

Magic Mirror Wedding

Elevating the experience further

The wedding mirror (selfie) booth is a wonderful alternative to a regular photo booth, offering a large and lovely touchscreen, where your guests can interact with a variety of elements and take photos of themselves in full-length selfies.

Our wedding selfie mirror hire comes with a stylish red carpet and ropes, along with your choice of backdrop and props. A dedicated photo album lets everyone upload their selfies instantly, ready to be shared across social media. Also available are unlimited selfie photo booth wedding photos for your guests to take home with them.

Selfie Mirror Wedding

High-quality entertainment for everyone

Our selfie magic mirror photo booth for wedding is equipped with a high-quality DSLR camera for the sharpest print quality imaginable, a dedicated Guest Book, unlimited prints personalised with your backdrop, logo or theme, stylish and quirky props, VIP red carpet plus ropes, automatic upload and free download of the photos – and a lot more!

Add an extra element of fun, excitement, and “magic” to every photo with our high-quality with our magic mirror photo booth for wedding.

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Magic Mirror for Wedding

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Interestingly, our selfie magic mirror for wedding looks like any ordinary vintage mirror from a distance. But when you look at it up close, you’ll find an interactive touchscreen hidden behind the glass, powered by cutting-edge photo software and a studio-grade DSLR camera.

The moment your guests interact with the screen, they’ll be able to get a high-quality selfie ready for super-fast sharing on the fly. Our magic mirror hire for weddings has helped people create some incredible moments to look back on and there’s a good reason you’re now seeing more and more selfie booths in weddings pop up everywhere.

Booking your wedding selfie magic mirror photo booth is really simple too. Just share your requirements for the wedding selfie station, and we’ll help set everything up within 24 hours or less.

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