360 Photo Booth Wedding: Fun from all angles

At Selfie Photo Booth, we treasure all things to do with wedding celebrations, specialising in providing incredibly beautiful and customisable wedding party photo booths, to help you make this special day more memorable and unforgettable than ever.
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360 Photo Booth Wedding

Capture the fun & glamour from every angle

If you’re ready to take your wedding to the next level, then you must include a 360° photo booth for wedding, allowing you to capture highly immersive, interactive and amazingly fun photos which provide a complete 360° view of everyone in the photo and their surroundings.

‘360° camera for wedding’ has now become a unique way to truly set your wedding day apart, providing an absolutely unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Once you get a taste of how a 360° wedding camera can capture the fun from every angle, you’ll probably never go with any other kind of photo booth.

360 Camera for Wedding

An incredible way to capture every amazing moment

More and more couples are now choosing a 360° camera for wedding as it is an interactive and engaging way to keep your guests entertained, while creating fantastic memories for everyone to take home and share across their social media.

Not only that, but the ability to customise your photos with text overlays, frames, special filters, and other features, means nearly endless opportunities for creating amazingly unique photo content to mark your wedding day. This is all part and parcel of our 360° photo booth for wedding.

360 Photobooth Wedding

An experience to remember for ages

Our 360° photo booth rental for wedding is perfect for not only events like weddings but also parties and corporate gatherings. Using cutting-edge cameras and a sleek design, our 360° wedding photo booth will blend in almost effortlessly with your venue, while offering incredibly smooth, seamless, and high-quality photos as well as videos for you and your guests.

Make your wedding incredibly memorable and unforgettable by hiring our 360° photobooth for wedding, which has now become a must-have at weddings and other social gatherings.

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360 Wedding Camera

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A 360° photo booth rental for wedding can easily set your special day apart, with guests talking about it for ages, long after the celebrations have come to an end. The immersive experience will make your guests feel like they are right in the middle of the action with our wedding 360° photo booth rental, where the photos and videos can be shared across social media in an instant.

What a way to entertain and be entertained! Our 360° photo booth wedding rental is very easy to set up and comes with a friendly, professional, and courteous attendant who ensures that the guests feel at ease and have the time of their life.

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